Work From Home

Work from Home and earn from your online jobs without investment for yourself, us or third party, its all up to you.


Start your niche business from Home, start Selling Your Own Products or Selling Products for third party.

Free Listing of your product on numerous Online Stores for larger community. Deliver the product to your customer and get paid.

Various delivery and payment options available at Brand House Online Shopping.


Work from home and Earn through your quality test papers of MCQS & SAQS.

Easy to make your own MCQS, SAQS and Test Books and its own time practice and reference. Make your own Test Book, Set Your Own Price and Start Selling Your Test Books for various test and examinations. 

Get paid from the buyer  for for quality Test Books instantly at Pak Made.


Online Discussion & Opinion for Virtual Patients Diagnosis.

Discussion & Diagnosis for You Online Patients and prescription. Stay in touch with your patients, online health record and schedule visits.

Get paid for virtual diagnosis & prescription or organize your clinical records and procedure at Pak Made

Join Brand House Team

Join Brand House Team (details being review / updating)


Online Jobs From Home - FAQs

How this will work and how I will be paid?
We offer numerous apps to start with your work, however there are two stream to start your work. Either you are working for yourself or You work for us, in both the case you are being paid for your services. 
What Charges Or Fee To Join This Program?
Absolutely NO charges to join any program, you are free to use any app to setup your own environment to work with.
Where to Apply and how to Start Work?
Visit Pak Made and explore the features to suit your area of work, the project is updated and new features frequently and you may suggest your ideas to incorporate as its your Own Social Network.
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