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All In One We offer Microsoft ASP.Net Web Apps & Windows Hosting featuring better performance, support and a user friendly experience at competitive price. Our data center works on 1000 Mbit/s bandwidth with greater scalability for high network traffic. We offer secure and highly reliable Smart Apps & Hosting for low budget websites to high computed data driven web portal for small to medium size enterprise. Contact Us

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We offer web application solutions using the latest Microsoft technologies offering better scalability, security and integration. Our web apps are fully responsive and the same contents are served to all clients connecting from various devices. Apps design look great and work perfectly on all screens of any size; desktop, tablet or smartphone ensuring the user gets the best possible experience regardless of the device. Our responsive web app design ensure smooth digital experience across all devices, thus leading to higher user satisfaction and greater return on investment. more...

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MicroSofteer offer Virtual Private Server/ Shared Web Hosting featuring better performance, superior support, and a simpler user experience at competitive price. Our data center works on 600Mbit/s+ bandwidth with greater scalability for high network traffic. We offer secure and highly reliable hosting environments for low budget website to high computed data driven website. We search, register or transfer domain names of our clients with more professional management and higher availability. Unfold your internet presence for global audience for better return on investment. more...

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Your email is your first impression on the internet, meaningful email have better impact than a randomly choosen address for public email. Security of information can be ensured through real ownership and more personal contact with hosting company. Neverthless forced adverts is a real pain in the neck for free email account, as free email account do cost you something. We can manage meaningful address for individual / enterprise with professional and flexible hosting plan. more...

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We offer Professional Managed Hosting Services for small business / enterprise to manage their IT Services at low budget with greater productivity. These days its very competitive internet world; thus Search Engine Optimization (SEO) demands more professional and dedicated effort to stay on top in the internet world. We offer our services to our clients for branding / marketing their products / service with global presence and more targeted audience. more...

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Work From Home Turn Key Solution! Self employment for veteran professionals to start professional career counseling, mentoring or tutoring of PAK Youth to help manage their journey through life, learning and work changes. User friendly web apps, upload contents, set your fee and get started for career counseling, mentoring, tutoring or virtual meetings. Work from home or office using computer or mobile phone at your convenience. Contact Us

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